The Amiga Ultimate Patch & HD Installers Page


This page gathers some patches for games which originally: Some patches have been written by me, others were found on aminet. Sometimes both ;-)
I found some others in PD disks but I had to sort them because there's a lot of installers for cracked stuff (a shame they sell the disks!).

The patches I wrote work up to 68060 powered Amigas without any alteration of the system (no need to modify the caches setup, run DTack, or move the VBR).

I do my best to write as many patches/hd-installers as possible, and with the best compatibility with all the OS/CPUs (even Kick 1.x)
Some people reported problems with my installers in conjunction with FastExec. Sorry, you'll have to remove the patch or play from floppy 'till I figure out how to do it.

About the installers present on the page which I have not written, I think that they all work (I tested most of them) but maybe you'll have to disable the 68060 caches (cpu060 ns nw nd nb) and maybe also the VBR or use JST as a degrader as follows:

	jst game EXECUTE (USERDATA="program arguments") (NTSC) (LEAVEVBR) (LEAVECACHES) (NOQUIT)


For those new games that do not degrade display properly, a JST game EXECUTE LEAVEVBR LEAVECACHES will run the game with only degraded display. Caches and VBR will not be affected.

For executables that autodetach (i.e. run in the background), use the NOQUIT feature to avoid that the display is enhanced again.

In no case (unless specified) do you need to install your game again. Just copy the .readme and executable files in the destination directory to upgrade.

Please read the .readme file specific to each loader. It contains important information about the configuration of the loader.

For new installs by me you should get JOTDStartup (user package) by me.

JST Developper package here (JST included).

Unless otherwise specified, the JST and WHDLoad loaders need:

Normal dos-loading fixed games (Atlantis, Traders...) will need no more mem than originally specified by the game manual.

For Netscape/MSExplorer users on PC, there are problems with LZX files.