Same rating as Harry

! planned
+ added to my plans if there are finished some planned
0 wanna do if i have (too much) time
- don't think I'll do (but who knows...)

BattleMaster +
Bubble and Squeak
Cannon Fodder ! * working on it, tough *
Carthage +
Castles ?
Citadel ! almost done. problems
Crazy Cars II 0
Datastorm 0
Drakkhen 0
Elvira 0
James Pond ECS floppy (non dos version) !
Kick Off 2 * works but no saves and still needs original disk * -
Killing Cloud -
Maupiti Island ! (90%) *saves to add, still crashes*
Merchant Colony ?
Neuromancer !
Paperboy II -
Persian Gulf Inferno 0
SWOS AGA versions ! (90%) problems.
Tennis Cup 0
Xerion 0

Please don't ask for one of the game of that list. I've already got the original.

My priorities are Bitmap Bros, Psygnosis, Team 17 games, and games with files but not hd installable.

As you see I manage lots of projects at the same time. That's the way I work, although I know this is not the best way, but at least it allows me to breathe when a projects becomes annoying.

Jean-francois FABRE