The CD32/CDTV loaders list

CD32/CDTV section

Those patches have been mostly written by me, and sometimes I examined a hacked version to remove some CD32 checks (for Speedball II and Fire&Ice). The Chuck Rock I and II patches are very similar to floppy patches, as the CD32 game is a cd loader of the floppy version (Chuck Rock 2 has got some changes, but Chuck Rock I is exactly the same as the floppy version).
James Pond 3 had to be deeply patched to remove the CD-only loader, to install a quit key, levelskip, game saves/load, and CD32 emulation.
BattleChess had to be resourced to remove CD accesses that made the game quit. Skeleton Krew was patched for joystick/keyboard Some others use the OSEmu module to emulate OS calls and lowlevel.library calls.

Ninja 3 and Wing Commander patches were respectively borrowed from Mr Larmer and Cdbs software.

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