Contact me by e-mail

Please contact me first by e-mail. If I already have got the disks of the game you require to be patched, or if I don't want to patch the game, there's no need to send disks.

Sending me the disks

If I need the disks, you can send them at:

19 Rue Emile Duploye

Please enclose enough currency for return postage, or make backup copies with a hardware copier, so I don't have to return the disks. If you live in the ECC, you can enclode european stamps for return postage as well.

IMPORTANT: Note that my address has changed. It will change again in a few weeks but this one will remain correct.

Please specify the return address, and also the e-mail, so I can contact you as soon as I receive the disks.

Jean-francois FABRE