UN*X Commands for the Amiga

This package is a non-exhaustive port of some useful un*x simple commands to use with amiga shells or ksh/csh shells.

Used with other Un*X Amiga ports of commands (grep, sed, ...) and original amiga commands, it's possible to make scripts almost as easily as on a real Un*X or Linux system, and anyway it beats Win95/98/NT script capability :)

The original sources along with other commands can be found there, except for

  • the grep command, which is the v2.1 GNU version of the grep command (which was not available on the amiga, since only v2.0 was ported, and missed the wildcard support).
  • the strcmp command, which is not needed on Un*X systems, but that I had to write because the IF EQ shell instruction is not case sensitive.

    The commands I've ported are:


  • When installing some of those commands in your path, maybe you'll have to rename them because of original Amiga commands called the same way (date,join).
  • Unless otherwise specified (fgrep, grep, wc, fold), all those commands are direct ports of the original source code, and that means that the amiga wildcards won't work. Sorry for that, but you can manage to emulate this (e.g: to do a "uniq #?.txt", do "uniq `list #?.txt LFORMAT %f%s`" or use spat)
  • I added wildcard support where it was the most useful (ex: grep). I'll try to spread wildcard support in every program which needs it in the future.