Amoric is a low-level emulator for Amiga with kickstart 2.04 or higher and with a 68020 or faster CPU. A 68000 version is also included but it's not supported anymore (it's V1.3). Anyway, it's too slow.

To run Amoric at a correct speed, you'll need at least a 68030/50MHz, but to get a really oric feeling, a 68040 is better.

I run Amoric with a 68060, and it's really great.

Here's the amoric history, from 0.1 to 1.5.

Current features

Not supported

This is an Oric Atmos

Download section


Here, you can download different versions of the emulators, along with some others doc files (still in construction).

The Oric Games Page

Lots of tape files useable with Amoric (few incompatibilities).

The Oric Page

Holds lots of stuff about the Oric (software, documentation, emulators).

A superb paper on my emulator in A-News (french Amiga magazine)

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