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Hi, JF Fabre speaking, please leave a message after the beep thanxalot

I'm newly graduate from this very famous school called ENSAE in Toulouse and I manage very well with it as shown in picture #1.

Pict #1 : Jean-Francois Fabre

I'm fatter now (figure 2).

I'm currently working at ENSICA as a research assistant during my miltary service which will last 12 months.

I don't live in the ENSICA student rooms but in a flat Toulouse because it's larger.

It cools down a man, hum ?

so next time avoid criticizing in your back.

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Don't I know all the tricks? You can choose 'view document source' to know how I did it.

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The '1000 bornes' game

It's so great (cf pictures 2,3,4 & 5)

Figures 2,3,4,5: The "1000 bornes" game.

I met Santa Claus

It was in 1975. I never saw him again.

Figure 7: (left to right) My friend Santa Claus and me

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The music (for faggots, with synths)

Brain links

The links which strike you right through the head

Boral's PANG

It's a bit slow but it's really GREAT because of those features:
  1. Coded in JAVA, the brand new internet multimedia interactive CD-ROM language.
  2. Amazing graphics (some are ray-traced) and a lethal animation.
  3. Great sound effects (I know that cos' I did a few ones).
  4. Two player mode. The only drawback: player 2 has got a faggot-style color.
  5. The game is very well imitated. One will think he's on the arcade machine (without the smoke)
  6. Instructions in English.

It works OK on Netscape 2, 3+, and Microfock explorer (for dwarves trying it with Netscape 1.x, give it up, and buy a Gameboy).

Click here to play.

Last but not least, the game data (sound, gfx) are loaded while you're playing, and you won't have to wait 2 or 3 hundred years before it's over.

As a conclusion, I would like to say that this applet is a very good example of a very good program done in JAVA (I don't say that only because my pal wrote it).

Let's be a bit serious

Some links which only interest me: